About Us

Antioch Restaurant brings Scotland delicious Eastern Mediterranean dishes prepared with the best ingredients by its experienced and cheerful staff.

The restaurant is named after the city of Antioch, which is ornamented with an outstanding natural beauty of seas, mountains, rivers and valleys. The city of Antioch is rich with the amazing historical heritage of Phoenicians, ancient Greeks, Romans, and Turkish and Arab civilizations. It is also home to one of the oldest Christian churches, St Peter, which was beautifully carved into a mountainside. The city of Antioch is unique in the peaceful co-existence of Judaism, Christianity, Shia and Sunni Islam, and diverse ethnicities.

The city was Apollos’ and Daphne’s land of beauty, love, and mythology. Today, it is a cosmopolitan city of joy and tolerance with its ancient urban culture. It is a city of living history.

Antioch Restaurant is now open in Dunfermline, the ancient capital of Scotland, bringing this elegant and lively city the Nihat Oymak family’s renowned tradition of delicious and healthy Eastern Mediterranean dishes prepared since 1950s.